Friday, August 21, 2015

This is New to Me!

OK, so I've decided to take a leap and try this out for myself. For a year or so, I've been a blog-stalker. At least I haven't done it secretly ... I've commented, entered contests, even won a few. However I never took the time to set up my own blog. So here goes nothing, right? You can't be successful at anything unless you give it a try!

Starting on a positive note, this is a project that I recently completed. I started going to Nola's Wool Applique group recently and I bought this kit last month. It was the perfect project to work on while on vacation. She includes everything -- even the thread!! Anyhow, it's an adorable Tooth Fairy Pocket. See that missing tooth on the critter? Well, you can pull his lip out and put a child's tooth in the pocket there so the Tooth Fairy doesn't have to search for the tooth under the child's pillow! I think he's so adorable and I love the wool we used on his face, don't you?

This next picture is my Work In Progress. I have to get it quilted, bound, and labeled by the next guild meeting for the UFO Challenge. Ugh! Deadlines!!! The project was a Round Robin and it ended up being fairly large -- 72" square. I've have it marked and pin basted so now all I have to do is git 'er done! I've got time ... at least 2 weeks! Ha!

I'll finish this -- my first post -- with a picture of Miss Polly. She's my kitty and she was enjoying my rest yesterday. Most nights I don't sleep well so then I require a siesta in the afternoon. She loves it! 

I think I'll go scrub our paddle boat now. We recently had a house fire in our neighborhood and the best view of the reconstruction will be via the lake!

Have a great weekend!