Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ta! Da! FNSI was pretty much successful. Got the quilt pin-basted. Had to go back upstairs afterwards because my feet were killing me. Standing on the hard, concrete basement floor just plain hurts!

What really hurts, though, is what I realized after taking my pictures for the post. Check it out ... the backing fabric is directional and of course I've got it on upside-down! Am I going to re-do it? Absolutely NOT!! Quilt Police be damned! Hahaha!

On Saturday I managed to almost complete two of the Farmer's Wife 6" blocks. I say "almost" because I was short a piece of background fabric so couldn't complete the first block. On the 2nd block I got the components pieced but not assembled. I'll get there!!!!

Have a great week!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy Fall 2016, WV Quilt, UFO Challenge!

I'm very much behind in my posts but I'll try to get us caught up. Probably most on my mind has been my poor nose. In a nutshell, once again I'm scheduled for Mohs surgery on November 23rd to get rid of basal cell carcinoma, this time on my right nostril.

"What?" my husband asked. "The day before Thanksgiving?"

"It'll be OK", I replied. "I'll bake the pumpkin pie the day before. You may have to grill turkey wings though!"

I'm taking liberty with the quotes but this was the gist of the conversation! Hahahaha!!! This year may be a first and I'm considering ordering our dinner from the local grocery store??!!?? Either way, I'll be fine by Christmas when my daughter will be arriving from VA and my brother's family from NC. It's all good!

Speaking of good, I did manage to finish my Bluebird Quilt for the WV project through my guild. I know that people always feel so bad for New Orleans, but there was A LOT of flooding in West Virginia and people there also lost EVERYTHING. I felt compelled to make a quilt for someone there especially since I had just won a jelly roll. Seemed preordained! (News tidbit: My guild donated 92 quilts!!!!!)
In the meantime, APQ 2016 UFO Challenge has been determined. #12 is next on the list. Here's a picture of how it was at the beginning of the month and how it is today .... same picture! Try to keep in mind that I was thoroughly obsessed with my WV Quilt! However, tonight is Friday Night Sew-In and I plan on getting this pin basted and a quilting plan established and maybe even started! I always have such high hopes!!

Tomorrow is my Applique Group's meeting. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for us in the morning. Afterwards I plan on starting my guild's BOM and maybe my LQS's BOM too! Yup! High hopes!!!!

Have a great weekend!