Monday, December 31, 2018

The End of 2018

Just about time to let go of 2018 and welcome in 2019. Here's a peek at my past week.
Gracie went to the groomer and got all pretty for our holiday guests. Here she is with my 19-year-old niece. Jennifer is relaxing after getting through her first semester at UNC-Wilmington. Thankfully Jenn was safe through the hurricane but school was closed for almost a month -- then it was catch-up time. Talk about a hard way to start college! (But isn't Gracie pretty???)
Christmas Eve dinner was at our house. Here's a picture of me and Jennifer's twin sister, Kelli. Kelli is going to NC State on a softball scholarship. She's relieved to be done with her first semester too but is looking forward to Spring Semester which translates to SOFTBALL SEASON!!! In April she'll be playing at Notre Dame, South Bend, IN and I plan on being there to root her on! Guess I'm looking forward to her spring semester too!
The three amigos! Mom, Kelli, and me. Check out my haircut! It's off my shoulders again which is WAY shorter than usual.
Meanwhile, the party has begun for these beauties -- Karen, my sister-in-law, and Sarah, my daughter. Guess I forgot to get pictures of the guys! Fred, my brother John, and his son Johnny were here too. Honest!!! Hahaha!
Christmas morning -- doesn't matter what day it is, the dog still needs to go for a walk .... and so do I for that matter! The sun was just coming up in my neighborhood. Thought I'd take a picture of the sun coming up and show how peaceful the day was starting out.
I did manage to finish up this little 3/6-month-old sweater. I knitted it up for my dental hygienist's new baby. It also satisfies the final project for Loopy Academy. Yay! I'm finally a graduate!!!!
Not a very good picture but I finished another block for Dresden Quilt Workshop. I can't remember what week this was for but I'm currently finishing up some churn dash blocks now. The week for those has also been forgotten. Hey! At least I'm catching up, right?
On the cooking front, I decided to try my hand at caramelized onions in the crock pot. This pot was 3/4 full when I started it. This picture is after a couple of hours. It ended up making about 2 cups. 

Here's a picture of it now. Mom & I smothered our Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork sandwiches with it -- so goooooooooood!

I don't know what to expect in 2019 but I hope it's as good as 2018. I wish the same for you too! Happy New Year!

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Saturday, December 22, 2018


Managed a little more progress on my Spring stitchery.
Daughter is in and my brother & his family arrive tonight. Will be busy, busy around here in such a good way. When the opportunity presents, I'll put in a few more stitches. See you next year!

Tank you, Wendy, for another fabulous (much-needed) FNSI at Sugarlane Quilts!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Movin' It Forward Monday and Holiday Prep

Today's post is for Movin' It Forward Monday, which I am so grateful for as it holds me accountable for my hobby PLUS it keeps me on my toes for blogging. Please join all of us at the above link -- you will be amazed at what everyone is managing to get done!

As for me, I was mostly keeping the knitting needles flying on this adorable, little sweater for my dental hygenist's baby boy. Here's a couple of pictures. You can see that I need to still weave in my ends, sew on the little buttons, and get it blocked. Except for that, it's finished and will complete Loopy Academy. I will be an official graduate! Hats off to me!!!!
Before: Remember I told
you the color was off
As of today
I love the gradation of the blue yarn. Gradation is the new cool I hear!

My embroidery is coming along.
Here are a few new Christmas things I made. The first is a little wall hanging.
Santa Hat Wall Hanging
These next couple of things I made with my TAS (The Applique Society) group. Both are made of wool and both were taught to us by the amazing Dana.
Little Woolly Tree
The little tree will get lights put on it and it will sit on my sewing table in the living room window. Polly will LOVE it!
Wool Poinsettia Pin
Obviously the pin needs to be finished since you can see it is still in the hoop.

I might as well continue talking about Christmas. Huubby went out and bought us a new tree this year. Last year, we discovered that somehow we lost the plug for the pre-lighted tree so we used an earlier tree. This is our new one.
We'll put the tree skirt on and add the ornaments when our daughter arrives for the holidays Wednesday evening. So looking forward to her arrival. 
While we were in the spirit and the weather was a balmy 60 degrees, hubby and I hung our lights, put the garland on the posts, and hung the bells by the door. So festive!

Today Gracie went to the groomer for a bath, blow dry, and a mani/pedi. She's ready for company with her beautiful poinsettia bandana!
Enjoy your day!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Movin' It Forward Monday

Just a quick post for Movin' It Forward Monday. Em and the girls have been busy this week and I think you'll enjoy seeing what we've all been up to lately. Check it out at the link above.

It's been VERY COLD here in the Midwest lately. I've taken my dog on her walk for several mornings in a row when the temps were in the teens. The wind, of course, makes it all the worse but we put one paw in front of the other and keep at it. Several miles later we're grateful to return to a warm home. Here's a couple pictures of Gracie on the frozen tundra, as I like to say. Loved the blue sky this morning.

While I have been busy sewing a little on this and that -- no, I haven't jumped on the Good Fortune wagon -- the biggie for me this week was working on this:

Pretty sure this wall paper needs to go and needs to go NOW! I set to work on the first wall the other day. After an hour or so, it looked like this:

This wall has been completely stripped of the wall paper and the baseboard & plug plate replaced. I need to decide what color paint to use on the lower half and check into chair railing. Check out that burgundy red -- that's the color the top portion of the walls were in the entire dining room and down the front hall. Way too dark for me!

Busy week as tomorrow is my guild's Christmas party, a doctor appointment Wednesday followed by putting Mom's Christmas lights up, Rosemary's Tips & Techniques on Thursday, and TAS meeting Saturday. So much fun!! Livin' it!

Monday, December 3, 2018

A Finish, Progress, and Loopy Academy

I'm very happy to say that I finished my little winter project. Quilted, bound, and actually hanging.
The picture is a little dark, blame it on the weather. Anyway, isn't it cute??? So little -- only 10" square. I bought this Red Button Quilt Co. pattern from Primitive Stitches, a Missouri shop. They were vending at my guild's last quilt show. I hope they'll be vending again in June! The Pattern included this one and another one that is non-wintry. The buttons were included and the 2nd pattern has bee buttons -- bet that's why I chose this pattern!

The Secret Santa Sew-a-Long has finished but I have not. I got the twelve blocks sewn up but need to cut sashing strips. I set it aside because I've got a couple of deadlines coming up. Here are my blocks gently folded in the refrigerator egg container along with the 20 nine-patch cornerstones.
In the foreground is a little table mat. My LQS has a table runner club and I was supposed to make five 12" blocks of the Santa hat. I don't really care for the hat and really don't have a use for the table runner so .... I shrunk the pattern down, used wool, and appliqued it down on a four-patch. All I had to do was add the flying geese & sashing strips. Ready to quilt it up and take it for show-n-tell tomorrow morning.

On the knitting front, I'm trying to catch up  on Loopy Academy. I only have one semester to finish up --  Jr. Year, 2nd Semester -- and then I will officially graduate. I already knitted up socks with beads and here's a look at my colorwork (stranded) design. I chose Calaveras Mittens by Jenny Penny and you can find it on Ravelry. I used a heavier yarn than called for (DK rather than fingering) and, even though I did swatch, the mittens came out larger than planned. I named mine Sugarskull Mitts and used plum purple and lime green. I think they turned out pretty spiffy even if they are large.
 Top Side
Palm Side
Aren't they cool??? I am also in love with that Latvian Braid on the cuff edges!!!

Since that's two out of three knitteries done for my 2nd Semester, Junior Year, I started the final project. It should knit up really quickly. My dental hygienist recently had a baby boy so I chose this Wee Lima pattern (again found on Ravelry). The requirement was to complete a pattern that uses buttons.

I cast on yesterday and the sweater looks like this so far. It's actually a prettier marled blue yarn than what is shown. Again, it's a gloomy day here in Southern IL so that makes for gloomy photos.
My dryer has buzzed so I guess I'll head downstairs to give it some attention. While I'm down there I think I'll get that Santa Hat Mat quilted up! Have a great day!

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