Thursday, November 24, 2022

I Like Thursday #95

I am not doing a typical I Like Thursday post today because tomorrow, the 25th of November, is a special day for me. While I am grateful for Thanksgiving, it is a lot of work that I take on myself so I get to do it all by myself. But this year the next day brings our 44th wedding anniversary. Whoa! Hard to wrap my brains around that! Mr. Hoover has been putting up with my pickiness, sarcasm, and stubbornness for quite a long time. But he has also enjoyed my humor, cooking, and wanderlust for the same amount of time. So I guess it balances out, right? Here's a few pictures from the ages in no particular order ....

In a nutshell, I am thankful that this man has stuck by me for so long and, because this is an I Like Thursday post, I guess I really like him ... well, most of the time! Ha!

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Saturday, November 19, 2022

FNSI and a Bit More

Last night was the third Friday of November, meaning Friday Night Sew-In with the virtual ladies. Unfortunately I was too tired to stitch since I'd been up since WAY before dawn. My hip (did I mention I think I have bursitis?) was really ailing me, enough that I couldn't lay still. So I got up. It may have been since I'd sat in the car all day Wednesday to go to A to Z Quilt Store to get my All-Illinois Shop Hop prize, the AccuQuilt Go! Baby cutter. Or it could've been that walking all over the Scott AFB BX and then the commissary the very next day was just too much hard-floor walking. Might also have been a combo, right?

So earlier in the day I finished the "innards" of the next Illusions Sampler BOM. This is October's block. Did I ever mention how much I dislike sewing square-in-a-square blocks? Haha!

Later that evening it was all I could do to knit a bit on a sock I'd started earlier in the week for FNSI. I'll look up the particulars of the pattern another time. Last night I started the gusset after turning the heel the night before. I'm using a pretty gray yarn that I got from Invictus Yarns. I'd won a $30 gift certificate through a Ravelry knit group called Verybusymonkey Knitters. I love Stephanie's patterns and she's behind Very Busy Monkey. Anyway, here's my progress.

Right now I'd also like to give a shout-out to Aaron for the fabulous job he did cleaning and tuning up both of my Berninas. He used to work out of Batiks Plus in St. Louis but the shop is closing or may already have closed. He's currently working on landing in another shop. In the meantime, he picked up my machines on Tuesday, cleaned and adjusted them, and then returned them to my door on Thursday! A 2-day turn around! Amazing!!! If you're in the area and need your Bernina to get a spa-treatment, contact him through his email, . Correction: .Your machine will thank you!

So that's my latest! Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, November 17, 2022

I Like Thursday #94

Back to my weekly I Like Thursday post. LeeAnna has prompted us to talk a little bit about Thanksgiving traditions, food or otherwise. Since I like to cook, I'll tell you that one of the things I like to make and (most importantly) eat is Jalapeno Cranberry Relish. I always used to serve jellied cranberry sauce from the can. I still like it but now it's my #2. My husband doesn't like cranberry of any kind and he absolutely hates anything spicy so this is a win-win for me. The recipe I use is from and you can find it HERE. And let me tell you this stuff is really, really good on leftover turkey sandwiches!

As for the normal "likes" for the week, the book I'm reading has me wanting to read during the day. That is unusual for me since I like to read right before bed only as a rule. The book I'm reading is "Fallen" by Linda Castillo. You can read the blurb on HERE. The book begins immediately and you won't want to put it down. There's a new book with the same heroine available through my library. I just put  "The Hidden One" on hold!

Have you heard of the All Illinois Shop Hop? There's other states doing it also, like Missouri, the Carolinas, and more. Anyway Illinois was divided into 5 regions and we had August & September to get our passport stamped. You could do the entire state or concentrate on your region, which is what I did. This was very enjoyable and hubby & I visited all 12 of the shops by doing it over 4 or 5 Fridays. I also managed a couple of bonus passport stamps while out shopping with a friend. Anyway, prizes were drawn for those that did the entire state and those that did only their region. I'm happy to say that I was a regional winner! The quilt shop A to Z in Quincy (which is 115 miles from my home per MapQuest) donated an Accuquilt Go! Baby and I picked it up this week. I've never used one but I hear they're wonderful!

When we got home, I found these beautiful flowers waiting for us by the front door. They were from my sister and her husband as a Welcome Home (from vacation) and an Early Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful surprise!

Of course Polly had to check them out!

We've had a couple of minor snowfalls this past week. Gracie & I love it!!! It's cold, it's pretty, and we're all alone on the trail!

We've barely said good-bye to the leaves on the trees but there were still a few hold-outs. I love this pair of gingko trees. The leaves turn a brilliant yellow. Follow the yellow-leafed road! Ha!

The other night I pulled out of the freezer the last corned beef I'd bought on sale from a St. Patrick's Day sale. I even went so far as to make a complete Irish meal -- corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. It was so yummy! I can't believe that there are people out there that only make this dinner once a year!

That's been my week and an exciting one at that. I hope you take the time to realize all the things there are to like around you!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Last Half of October (Part 2 - MD)

We had so much fun in October that it necessitated two posts to break it up. The first part of our vacation was spent at my brother's house in NC. This next post will deal with the second part of our vacation which we spent at my son's house in MD.

I'm sure you can guess that the highlight of this part deals with kids & grandkids. Brody is fascinated with pushing the buttons on watches and seeing them light up. Mom had a good watch!

Our youngest grandson turned 6 months while we were there. I got to go to his 6-month check up. He is already well over 18 pounds! Check out those cheeks and thighs! Ha!

My dear DIL made us eggs benedict -- so yummy! She cooked the eggs in the sous vide method and actually made the muffins and hollandaise sauce from scratch!

Here's our little Jacob. Isn't that a sweet face! So many smiles and laughter from this little guy!

While we were there, we managed a trip to a local winery called Robin Hill Winery. It is located in Brandywine MD. We picked a very good day to go as the sun was shining which warmed the Fall air.

I loved their logo. Sarah, Mom, & I each had a flight of all their wines. We got to keep the glasses so now I have three more wine glasses! We actually sometimes run out of them at the holidays so I was grateful for the bonus inventory.

Grandpa and Brody enjoyed walking about the vineyard.

Here's our group sitting at the picnic table enjoying the outdoors. Check out the color of those Autumnal trees in the background and the blue sky. Sunglasses on and wine glasses in hand. Perfect afternoon.

Jared has off from work every Tuesday so he takes Brody to Skyzone to play. We went to see what it was all about but unfortunately it was the day after Halloween so I think that was why there was barely any kids there that day. We had fun anyway, of course.

Lots of balls to play with on the trampolines.

The areas with lots of blocks are fun too. Brody was trying to make friends with this little girl.
Where's Brody? He's buried in the foam blocks. Thanks, Dad.

We were thrilled to have company on the night before we were leaving. Kelli & Alex came to see us one last time and to meet Jacob. Kelli was also showing Jared her brand new 2022 car. She and Alex got a dinner out of the trip which is always a bonus!

A last couple of pictures before we hit the road.

Jacob working on his abs in his bumpo seat.
Look at those toes!

This is where I'd find Gus most mornings when I got up

Gus cozied up on our coats as we were packing out to go home

We left on November 2 with Harrisonburg VA in our sights. Lori at Humble Quilts had her Buhl-Bushong quilt hanging in the Virginia Quilt Museum. It was a beautiful exhibit. The only damper on the stop was Fred's blood sugar crashed and he had to recuperate while I explored the quilts with Mom.

Virginia Quilt Museum, Harrisonburg VA

Me in front of the museum

Mom & me on the museum steps

Missy Carpenter-inspired quilt. Gorgeous!

The original Buhl-Bushong quilt which inspired
the various interpretations

I loved all the hand-quilting in this one

Lori's gorgeous quilt

I loved the squirrels in this one

This quilter used Kaffe Fassett fabrics

I loved this Halloween medallion quilt

We made it home on November 3rd and got Gracie out of the kennel on the 4th. Our family was all together once again!

I hope you weren't bored out of your minds but I wanted to document our vacation. Next post will be an I Like Thursday one. You know, the regular!

Have a great Wednesday!