Monday, February 25, 2019

Trying to Move It Forward

Did my best to move a few projects forward this past weekend ....

Starting with Little Letters. Trying to decide am I finished and will start quilting it or add a background border before the binding goes on. Ah, decisions, decisions.
Turned out awfully cute, didn't it??

I also managed to get my Tiny Tuesday block mostly done. Needs the corner pieces to set it on point. Finished the tiny, scrappy flower this morning. Cutting it close since tomorrow will bring a new challenge!
While finishing the Little Letters quilt and this tiny 4" flower block, I made progress on my String-X.
And because I need handwork, I made some progress on the Hospital Sketches SAL with Barbara Brackman's Civil War blog.
Did I mention that the fabrics are from her Moda line of The Morris Jewels? I won a layer cake from her quite some time ago and thought, "Aha! Perfect project for this layer cake!" I found the background and the "circle" fabric in my stash but the rest is Barbara's.

Over yesterday and this morning, we've really enjoyed NC State softball. We're able to stream the Watch ESPN app to the TV and catch my niece's games. This weekend they beat Murray State twice and UMBC once. Every so often the camera pans through the fans and we've even caught glimpses of my brother & sister-in-law rooting on their daughter! Go, Wolf Pack!

We're enjoying sunshine today but it's still cold outside, only in the 30s. Forecast calls for the return of winter this weekend. What??!!!???

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Should've Been Getting My Yellow On!

Instead, I was working on a bit of this and a bit of that. Even the cross-stitch project was put aside this week. Oh well ....

I did manage to get embroidery blocks 2 & 3 done on the Merry Christmas SAL after a nice phone call last night from my son and his wife to wish me a happy birthday. Finished #3 while plopped in the recliner "watching TV". Yes, well, there wasn't anything on last night that I really wanted to watch and the hubby was content plucking along on his laptop and listening to a hockey game. Here are the finished blocks already posted to the FB group.

I'm happy to have a reprieve this weekend on this project since the next block doesn't come out until Wednesday.

Also this Wednesday, Barbarba Brackman's 2nd block for the Hospital Sketches QAL will be posted. I'm not finished with the first one so I guess this weekend will be catch-up time for me.
Can you tell there are a few missing pieces??? Hahaha! The upper right bloom hasn't even been completed yet and there are flowers and leaves yet to go.

My RSC Yellow has sat back a bit. However, I did get a little done. The first of four strips for the yellow String-X block was completed. Will be linking up with Em for Scrappy Saturday here.
But do you see that R? That's what has kept me busy. My Little Letters quilt! I managed to get two rows sashed and put together before my daughter called me to wish me a happy birthday.
So adorable!!! And I was working on the next row here ....
The fabrics are actually more dazzling in real life. What can I tell you except it's been pretty gray around here lately so pictures leave a little to be desired.

A little foodie note: On Thursday I made myself a couple of "road truck" tacos for my birthday brunch. So delicious!
And my baby Gracie went to the vet this week for her annual check-up and she weighed in at over 70#! Just like daughter Sarah predicted!!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Bloomers Party!

Get your Bloomers on and join our party. Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' is graciously hosting a Bloomer Party! Click HERE to see all the Bloomer participants' progress. Here's where I am so far.
If you've followed along, you'll notice I didn't get any more blocks done but here's a photo of them all together so far. Adorable! This quilt was designed by Lori Holt and I think the templates may still be available at Fat Quarter Shop. Join us -- it's definitely not too late since we're working on this at our own speed.

Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

So much to share ....

I should have broken this up earlier this week but I didn't. Now this may be a bit long. What can I say but pull up a seat!

First up I joined in with Wendy & all the cyber friends who sew along on the monthly Friday Night Sew In. You can stop by HERE to see what we've been doing. While watching TV I managed to finish ALL the bunnies on the little quilt and started the top border. I'm really loving it. Thank you, Wendy, for allowing us to get together to sew & share!
Those mysterious missing pieces of the quilt are rabbits. I'll be stitching them up after the quilt is through. There's also a tree and another little quilt. I better stop talking about it or I'll be talking myself right out of it!

On Tiny Tuesday this week, we again had the choice of a couple of different blocks. I chose the Ohio Star in honor of my best friend who lives in Cleveland. It may be hard to see but the background fabric is a splotchy yellow behind the yellow star. Love Sunny February Yellow! I wonder how everyone is coming along with their RSC projects? You can see it all HERE but BEWARE! There's a lot of yellow happening!!! Lol!

You may remember that last weekend I was happily sewing a Little Letters quilt at retreat. When I left on Saturday, I was only short X, Y, & Z. Well, I'm happy to say that here they are!
 In the meantime, this week I starched up some more background fabric and cut my 4-1/2" strips. I sewed a strip to the top of each letter. The green fabric with the blue dots will be the cornerstones and I starched it up and cut 1-1/2" strips. I plan on getting them stitched up and, hopefully, get a start on sewing them onto the blocks. So far this has been a very fun project! Looking forward to getting it ready for a special little someone due in May!!!
I jumped on board with Susan Marth's A Merry Christmas SAL. It will involve applique, embroidery, piecing, and OF COURSE DRESDENS! Hahaha! Last week we only had to embroider this block.
This week is a smaller embroidery so I'm pretty sure I'll be caught up by Wednesday when the next clue will be assigned. You can check out the project Here on Facebook. You may have to scroll down a bit but there are a lot of us sewing along!

Here's a bit of a happy dance going on in my part of the world. I was randomly selected on Becky Goldsmith's blog and this is what I won. Three balls of embroidery thread. YIPPEE! And three cheers to Becky Goldsmith!!! Thank you very much!

On a serious note, I feel compelled to share a story that Barbara Black shared with her blog readers. I found it both funny and sad at the same time but so very important to all of us creators and to all that see and receive our creations. Read it Here and then let me know your thoughts. I thought Barbara shared valuable information and insight here. I just love the lesson and the summary at the end. (I received permission from Barbara Black to post this on my blog.)

Yesterday morning I thought I'd check in on how my leader & ender project, named Shark Bite, was coming along. Turns out I have 38 blocks with the blue triangles going one way and 43 blocks with the blue triangles going the other way! Wow! Amazed myself! That's 81 of the 132 blocks I want to make. There are quite a few blocks already in progress too.
Shark Bite blocks are bundled, totaled, and bagged ready for more to happen!

Did you stick through this lengthy post? Congratulations! I'll try to post sooner so this does not happen again. Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Movin' It Forward Monday

Good morning! I'm happy to say that I was able to walk Gracie 2.28 miles this morning after yesterday's oopsie-daisy. We woke up to an incredible ice glazing yesterday morning and, going after newspapers, I ended up falling in the street gutter, landing on my left hip. Wow! Is it ever sore!! Let's just say for now that there is a beautiful bruise marking my landing! Lol! Here's pictures of the driveway  and back deck yesterday morning. I should tell you that Gracie's first step off the front porch had her looking like Bambi on ice too -- all four legs splayed!

As for Movin' It Forward, I've done a LOT of work on my X-stitch. I may just have this finished for Easter! Sarah will be so proud ... but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Still have a long way to go!

I hope you noticed I changed my header picture at the top of the page. That's another project that has moved to the "DONE" pile. Doesn't it look beautiful??!!
And here it is hanging on the wall. Aren't those yellow tulips gorgeous!!!! A little "surprise" gift from Mom when she arrived on Saturday ... along with a container of Cauliflower Soup. I'll be sending her home this afternoon with a container of Gingered Squash Soup. We love swapping containers with each other and it works perfectly since we pretty much like the same foods.

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Tiny Tuesday YELLOW! plus Retreat Day #1

This week held the first Tiny Tuesday using yellow. It was a simple 9-patch. You did have the option to leave it at that or "pump it up" into a churn dash or whatever other 9-patch you wished you to use. Me? I'm a simple gal so I kept it simple/traditional.
I just love a buttery yellow!

Yesterday was Day #1 at retreat. It's one of my favorites. These ladies are so fun & kind. I don't know where my mind was while I was packing up -- apparently already at retreat! -- but I left my rotary cutter and my cone thread holder behind! Thankfully Chris lent me her rotary cutter for the day and I just had to be careful with my thread. I'm using 100% fabrics from my stash and a free pattern from Temecula Quilt Company called Little Letters. Here's what I got accomplished in one day.
When I left yesterday late afternoon, the letter K was under my needle and L, M, and N were already cut and ready to sew for today's session! YIPPEE! I'm anxious to get back!!!

On a side note, while I was sewing I was receiving update texts from Fred on NC State Softball. The girls boarded the bus, heading for the airport on Thursday morning. Their flight took them to Tampa for the season opener tournament. Here they are on the bus happily on the way to the airport.
Fred reported that on Friday, while I was busily sewing, they lost the first game but won the second. Let's hear it for the Wolf Pack! They've got a night game today followed by two more games on Sunday. Then it's back to the airport for the ride home and to put their noses in the books. After all, they are attending college primarily to get an education, right?

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

February is Also YELLOW Month!

RSC (Rainbow Scrap Color) has been selected for February and it is all things yellow! Angela at So Scrappy has used this challenge for years and I've only just discovered it and joined in. My "cover sheet" above shows my yellow scrap box with a few fat quarters thrown in for extra measure. Now you know where my next String-X block will be coming from!

I want to share with you my Bloomers QAL progress. I've had so much fun with these so far and they go together quickly. First a little tracing followed by a little machine sewing. Press those pieces and applique them down! Great handwork for getting a little TV watching in or relaxing with music. I already finished up the first three blocks (which I shared here) and here are the next three blocks! Told you I was loving them!

Looks like they could use a good pressing. Later when I put on the sashing strips!

As for Dresden Quilt Workshop sew-a-long, I've got these next five beauties ready to go together for a HUGE block. Stay tuned for that!
Then it's a series for flying geese and put it together. Oh! I'd better get back to that first block. I've finally decided what I want to do and actually drafted it up so I don't forget!

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from recent walks. They were taken when it was cold. 70s today though, baby!

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

February is ❤ Month

Here comes February and all its heart-iness! Whether you go for Heart Healthy or Valentines Day, it's hearts galore this month -- no avoiding it! Lol!
Here's the last of January's Tiny Tuesday blocks. Designed by Cynthia of Quilting is More Fun Than Housework. Ain't it the truth??!! Hahaha! She shared this adorable 4.5" heart pattern with us on her blog here. Adorable!!!! and Thank YOU, Cynthia!

I've got a couple of secret projects that I'm going to mail out for Valentines Day so I can't share photos -- yet. Let it be said that it is from a pattern I got from a sweet friend (Katie) and I'm going to share the love!

One last "heart" project. I plan on getting this quilted & bound today. Needs to go up on the wall .... like yesterday! Yikes!
Have a great weekend!

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