Saturday, February 9, 2019

Tiny Tuesday YELLOW! plus Retreat Day #1

This week held the first Tiny Tuesday using yellow. It was a simple 9-patch. You did have the option to leave it at that or "pump it up" into a churn dash or whatever other 9-patch you wished you to use. Me? I'm a simple gal so I kept it simple/traditional.
I just love a buttery yellow!

Yesterday was Day #1 at retreat. It's one of my favorites. These ladies are so fun & kind. I don't know where my mind was while I was packing up -- apparently already at retreat! -- but I left my rotary cutter and my cone thread holder behind! Thankfully Chris lent me her rotary cutter for the day and I just had to be careful with my thread. I'm using 100% fabrics from my stash and a free pattern from Temecula Quilt Company called Little Letters. Here's what I got accomplished in one day.
When I left yesterday late afternoon, the letter K was under my needle and L, M, and N were already cut and ready to sew for today's session! YIPPEE! I'm anxious to get back!!!

On a side note, while I was sewing I was receiving update texts from Fred on NC State Softball. The girls boarded the bus, heading for the airport on Thursday morning. Their flight took them to Tampa for the season opener tournament. Here they are on the bus happily on the way to the airport.
Fred reported that on Friday, while I was busily sewing, they lost the first game but won the second. Let's hear it for the Wolf Pack! They've got a night game today followed by two more games on Sunday. Then it's back to the airport for the ride home and to put their noses in the books. After all, they are attending college primarily to get an education, right?

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  1. Ah I checked the temcula little leetter and they are so tempting.

  2. Those are cute letters. I also checked out the link to the little letters. Thank you!

  3. Go, Pack!! DS1 just graduated from NCSU in December. Thanks for the link to those Little Letters! Enjoy the rest of your retreat.