Monday, November 26, 2018

More Dresden Plates

Linking up with Em at Movin' It Forward. Wow! Those ladies can get stuff done! You really ought to stop by to see for yourself.

As for me, my Spring stitchery is coming along. (Sorry about the fuzzy picture.)
Mostly I'm happy for the latest Dresden block that I finished.
This Dresden Workshop Quilt really has been a lot of fun to work on.

Remember that photo of the six little plates on last post? Well, I was suppsed to make seven. Ugh! One short!!!! Back to the cutting table for me!

Speaking of cutting table, how many of you are sewing along with Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune? I've yet to commit besides gathering a few fat quarters!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

FNSI #2!

Another perfect evening for the Friday Night Sew-In gals & me to take a step back, breathe, and relax. Thanksgiving was wonderful with hubby's sister and two daughters eating dinner with us. Their three and our three (which included Mom, of course!) made a nice round table of six. We had all the trimmings and Mom kept exclaiming that I served $50 meals to all. Isn't that sweet??!! Anyway I'd like to say that I tried Ina Garten's Steamed Brussel Sprouts & Bacon recipe. They were a hit with everyone. Even hubby said they weren't bad which I consider a compliment from him! Hahaha!

After dinner I brought out a jigsaw puzzle which I'd received from my daughter. The guests said they didn't really do puzzles and flipped when I said it was only 1000 pieces, still in the box, and surely they could give it a go. We managed to get this much done before desserts called to us.
Mom & I worked a bit on it some more during the day on Friday and now it looks like this.
Progress is progress, right?

Anyway, after all the hubbub of Thanksgiving Thursday, it was leftovers and sewing for me on Friday. Here's a peek at what I managed to sew. 

Earlier thought that if no one wanted to do my puzzle with me that I should at least have something in my lap. I got out my Kathy Schmitz Spring pattern and copied it over to my fabric. (Love my lightbox!) Before company arrived for dinner I did manage to put a few stitches in.
Last night, I got this far ....
I'm loving it, especially that little bird!

This morning I crept down the stairs very early and worked on my Dresden Quilt Workshop. The blades were already cut out and the first pairings sewn. They needed pressing and then more sewing. Here they are.
I'm slowly but surely making progress on this and think I may be able to catch up this week. That would be sweet because the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - Good Fortune - released clue #1 on Friday. I've vowed to not even start that one until the Dresden Quilt and Temecula Quilt Shop's Secret Santa SAL are completed! Sure hope I can hold out!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend. Remember your favorite shops today and pay them a visit if you've got a little time. Today is Small Business Saturday and we surely cry when local quilt shops fold/retire/quit/whatever.

Linking up with our beautiful hostess Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs for Friday Night Sew-In.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Secret Santa SAL & Friday Night Sew-In

Yesterday I made quite a bit of progress on Secret Santa SAL with Temecula Quilt Shop. Here are Steps 3 & 4 all sewn up, waiting patiently with Steps 1 & 2 to see what's next.
I noticed this morning that Step 5 is posted and my stomach lurched when I saw I was to cut out 96 scrappy small rectangles AND 48 a tad bigger rectangles. I read on to see that we'll also be sewing some of these steps into squares and the finale will be revealed next week. OMG!

While I was basking in being caught up, I thought I'd see about cutting up more fabrics for the few steps I'm behind on Dresden Quilt Workshop. And here we go ... This is a picture of the sewn-up blades for three small dresden plates.
 They now look like this, all turned out and pressed. So pretty, each and every one of the 36.
So then I cut & cut & cut and got 96 mini blades cut and sewn. They're all ready to be turned right-side out next.
A couple of days ago we got 4" of snow. My Gracie was in high gear racing through the white stuff. Doesn't she look like she's having a blast?

On a sad note, this week my cousin's 57-year-old husband passed away from esophagal-stomach cancer and on the same day I learned that a dear man that used to be our neighbor (who with his wife were the main ones to welcome us into the neighborhood) had passed away the week before with his funeral yesterday. He truly died serving his country as he is one of many that has contracted "Afghanistan Lung" while doing his job. He passed away two days before Veterans Day -- a veteran who did his job without looking for praise. Just doing his job whether in the Middle East or helping tornado-torn Rollo, MO.

Look around. Be grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Linking up with Sugarlane Quilts for Friday Night Sew-In. Thank you, Wendy, for again hostessing this fun evening!

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Sewing Like My Pants are on Fire!

Lately I've been sewing like my pants are on fire. First up is a finish. Yay!

I made this Fall table runner for my daughter. I'm in a table runner club at O'Sew Personal, my LQS. I thought this turned out cute and it's 24"x48". Should fit my daughter's 29"x49" coffee table perfectly. The colors are a little wild but suits her decor! 😉

The quilting really set it off. I took 6 different leaves from a recent walk with Gracie and traced them on cardboard. Then I used one of those blue markers and traced around the patterns here & there. When it was time to quilt it, I did curlicues and off-the-cuff leaves to connect the drawn ones. Voile!

I'm making a mad scramble to get caught up on Temecula Quilt Shop's sew-a-long. I love their SALs and this one promised to be finished by Thanksgiving. That means we're getting close and I'm behind (naturally). 

This was Step 1 which I finished a few days ago. There are twelve of these unequal 9-patches. They're small, only measuring 4-3/4" unfinished.
This is Step 2. I cut the strips out Saturday and sewed them up yesterday. There are 68 (!!!!) of these tiny 9-patches. They measure a mere 2-3/4" unfinished.
This morning I cut all the strips for Steps Three & Four. Yoi!! Here's a picture of Step Three's strips. They'll need to be sewn together, cut up, and then sewn into the proper 68 units. I don't think I'll be going anywhere soon! Haha!
Of course with all this going on, I'm now three steps behind on Dresden Quilt Workshop! And when's the last time you've see or heard me talk about Kyoto???? Stop this train -- I want to get off!!!!!

Sewing like crazy and loving life!

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