Thursday, June 30, 2022

Delilah -- Finished Quilt!

Today I have a finished quilt to share with you. The pattern is called Delilah and it was designed by Swirly Girls. The pattern was bought at Itch'n to be Stitch'n in Staunton IL as was the majority of the background fabric (plum cross-stitch by Lori Holt). All the other fabric was bought at Pineapple Quilts/Keepsake Quilting while I was visiting my brother in Archdale NC last October.

Ready to see? Not quite yet! There's a bit of a story to go with it. When my daughter was young and was asked what she'd like for her birthday, her answer was always, "A goat!" Most of her friends wanted a pony or a new doll but not my girl! Her birthday was June 10 and I thought it was time she got her wish! I present to you Delilah.

Oops! That's better!

The pattern was written to finish 48" x 60". My daughter has two kitties that like to snuggle with her when she pulls out an afghan, blanket, or quilt so I needed to make it a little larger. I added the row of pinwheels to the sides and an extra row at the top and bottom. This quilt is now better-sized at 64"x 82". Plenty of room for my grandkitties!

A few close-ups of the quilting which I do on my domestic sewing machine.

Pinwheel and Spacer Quilting Close-up

Horns, Goat, and Background Close-up

Butt Shot!
(Actually more close-ups -- tail, body, and background)

I used Cinnaberry #945 King Tut 40 wt thread for the goat quilting and several of the pinwheels. It was a hard color to match but I found it at the Superior Threads booth at the Paducah Quilt Show.

The perfect backing fabric was purchased from O'SewPersonal in Collinsville IL. I have seen the same backing at Rosemary's Fabrics in Highland IL and also at Itch'n to be Stitch'n.

Full Backing Shot

Pinwheel Quilting

More Quilting on Back

Complete with Label

All totaled up, 11.75 yards of fabric were used and will be shared on Stashbuster 2022 Report with Carole @ From My Carolina Home. The finished quilt will also be shared with Gail @ Quilting Gail for my PHD Report. Yay! A finish!

Last picture for good measure. My grandkitty Penny with Delilah! I think it's just the right size!

I Like Thurs #78

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Whatever time it is that you're reading this post, I hope you find something to tickle your funny bone or pique your curiosity. I'll be linking up with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color and other fun-sharing folks. Hop on over to see what's happening in lots of places! 

This week I made some fresh raspberry muffins. My new neighbors went on vacation just as the raspberry bushes were producing. Not wanting the berries to go to waste (ha!), I managed to grab enough to make muffins! I used this recipe from Real Simple because, as the name of the blog suggests, they used really simple ingredients!

Raspberry muffins & coffee. YUM!

Here's my haul in a 2-cup container

I also made Peanut Butter Blossoms for the family this week. They are one of our favorite cookies. Missed my daughter who is always happy to assist mixing, rolling & shaping, unwrapping Kisses, smooshing the Kisses, and reaping the rewards afterwards.

Can you believe that the newest Grandson, Jacob, is already 2 months old??!!?? Here's the picture taken Wednesday to prove it.

Here he is a couple of days earlier. Look who's smiling at Daddy!

Have you ever noticed that when it rains it pours? I put my name on the list for the book "The Midnight Library" months & months ago. I just started "Hello, Summer" and guess what became available and ready for checkout within 3 days? Yup! I'm sure you guessed it. After getting creeped out several times while reading "Shatter", I knew I needed a lighter read. I'm enjoying "Hello, Summer" and will have to figure out what I'm going to do about the other book.

Gracie & I have met new friends on the bike trail. Actually we met the lady a few years ago but seldom saw her. Found out her name is Daisy and she recently earned her degree in Art Therapy. Gracie & I saw her a couple of times this week with her dog DeVito. Gracie & I enjoy walking with friends!
Gracie's new friend, DeVito

DeVito & Daisy

Television-watching is certainly limited this time of year. Not much on but we're still enjoying American Ninja Warriors and Cardinals baseball. This week and next we're also glued to Wimbledon tennis in England.

Enjoy your week and, if you have a little extra time, pop on over to LeeAnna's blog to see what's happening elsewhere!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

RSC Dark & Bright Blues Wrapping Up

The month of June is coming to a close. Next Friday will be the 1st of July and the new Rainbow Scrap Challenge color will be announced. So how far have I gotten with the blues? First up is my zigzag border. It has joined its other friends in the pile.

I also finished off the two Dresden plates last night while watching "Top Gun" on Prime. Hoping to catch the new one soon.

And with its friends.

I'm also joining in the Positivity 2022 QAL with Preeti @ SewPreetiQuilts. I'll tell you more about that another time. In the meantime, the Positivity 2022 block was revealed. Since I had plenty of dark blue fabrics out this month and it was suggested to have good contrast, I decided to go with them and make scrappy dark blue blocks. As for a background, I decided to keep it consistent and I chose a pale gray paisley I just happened to have in the stash leftover from a backing. Who doesn't love paisley, I ask??!!

I prepped my fabrics and got started. Ten blocks made lickity-split and dark/bright blues used again! There's a pile waiting to be completed for another 14 more blocks! So easy! So fast! So fun!

I managed to get the middle of the Illusions Sampler BOM completed too. There's a hunk of bright blue in there too!

I think that's all the blues for me today. Hope you've got sewing plans this weekend or you'll might end up singing the blues!

Linking up with Angela @ SoScrappy and all my other scrappy friends!

Thursday, June 23, 2022

I Like Thursday #77

Another Thursday, another post of positive things from my week. First up would be "surprise mail" that I received recently. I had signed up to make a donation quilt for the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge 2022. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen events, I was unable to participate. Mari, who headed this program up this year, still sent me this package of scrumptious yellow fabrics. It consisted of six FQs and a one yard piece. So generous! I need to get started on something for next year! I bet it'll have some yellow in it! Thank you so much, Mari. If you think you'd be interested in participating in H2H or if you want more information about it, all you have to do is go HERE. It is a very worthy cause and I'm sure they would love your help next year.

I like birthdays ... when they're someone else's! Haha! We had a birthday last weekend. Mom turned 89. That's a monumental LIKE! Here she is with her birthday cake and three candles (for wishes of Happy, Healthy, and Wise). I made a Strawberry and Cream Cake for her and it was SO DELICIOUS! I think I got the recipe from Melissa @ Pinker 'n' Punkin but I'll be doggone if I could locate it on her blog this evening.

Birthday Girl blowing out her candles. She had a bit of trouble doing it this year but she got it done!

Also last weekend was Father's Day. Jared & Amanda got Fred a new phone case for his new phone. The new one has a picture of Fred, Jared, Brody, & Jacob on it. Three generations of Hoover boys! I like how happy it made Fred.
I finished the book I was reading, "Shattered" by Michael Robotham. It was good and it was definitely a thriller. That's the kind of book I like to read. The only trouble is, sometimes I'm bothered a little by it so I have to read a lighter book afterwards. I downloaded "Hello, Summer" by Mary Kay Andrews. I found it on the NY Times Bestseller List. Here's the link on of what it's about. Should be an easy read and I'm hoping a quick read. I put my name on the list for "The Midnight Library" ages ago and it's coming up fast all of a sudden!

As for TV viewing, I'm enjoying the return of American Ninja Warriors, St. Louis Cardinal baseball games, and the Weakest Link. The last couple of weekends we've also been liking "The Lincoln Lawyer" series on Netflix. We manage a couple/few episodes each weekend. I think we're getting down to probably finishing it up this weekend.

I hope you've had a good week too. Feel free to pop on over to LeeAnna's blog Not Afraid of Color. She's the hostess of I Like Thursday!

Saturday, June 18, 2022

FNSI and RSC Dark Blues

Last night was Friday Night Sew-In with Wendy and friends. I got a good start earlier in the day with the counted-yet-stamped cross-stitch project. I first talked about it here a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I made some good progress on it yesterday and last night.

As last seen a couple of weeks ago

After stitching a bit Friday afternoon

Ta! Da! Lots of progress on the camel and a bunny!

I'll be sharing this with the Friday Night Sew-In group but wait! there's more!

Angela designated June as Dark & Bright Blues Month. I got my hexi pieces prepped. Going to be such a pretty addition.

Not a great picture but you can get an idea

Last weekend I also got the Remembering Betsy top assembled. Those flying geese units will finish measuring 2"x1". I just love it! The entire project is approximately 15"x15".

As for our weather, we have a bit of a respite. The front went through and the humidity dropped. It is right now 80 degrees, sunny, and dry! Yippee! That's our weekend but then we'll have to brace for near and above 100 degrees again come Monday. Oh well, I can enjoy what we have right now!

You can visit Wendy @ Sugarlane Designs to see what the FNSI folks did. When you finish there, head on over to Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the Rainbow Scrap Challenge folks accomplished this week.

Have a great weekend. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

I Like Thursday #76

I Like Thursday has arrived! Let's see what we've all liked this week. Many thanks to LeeAnna for allowing us to share happy things at her blog Not Afraid of Color. Click on the link to see what others have shared.

My first like is this HUGE, gorgeous clematis. Gracie and I pass it on our walk down "the bunny trail". Truly magnificent!

Mom had a lot of robin activity on the side. of her house the other day. I just knew there must be a nest close by. Nearly every year there's a nest built on the side of her garage over the light fixture. This year was no different and now I can see what the fuss was all about. Parents protecting their young ... goes across species lines

Here's a sweet picture of my Brody. 

He recently celebrated his third birthday. Look at that happy face! You can see that he realizes that it's all about him today.

If you like psychological thrillers, have I got a book for you to read. It's called "Shatter" by Michael Robotham. Mom recommended it to me. Click HERE for its blurb from

I must say that I have one Not-Like to add to my list this week. It has been unbearably hot here in the Midwest this past week. Supposedly today is our last day of these temps with a little relief over the weekend. Then it'll be back near 100 degrees to start off next week. Ugh! However, perfect excuse to stay inside and sew!! I definitely like that!!

Have a good day, all. Try to keep your cool!

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Teeny, Tiny Dark Blue

I had a sewing day on Friday. Wouldn't that be a good day to start Remembering Betsy SAL with Pam Buda? I thought so!

The center of the little piece consists of four 6"  5"churn dash units. Here are mine:

I also finished up the May block of the Illusions Sampler. It has a bit of bright blue in it. Not sure if I should call it a bit since this block is HUGE! 18"!

Mom passed her driver's license test Thursday afternoon. No problems whatsoever! Life is good.

Thank you, Angela, for keeping us on track with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I'll be linking up at So Scrappy to share my accomplishments.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

I Like Thurs #75

Happy Thursday and welcome to I Like Thursday. My first like would have to be our weather. Even though we are into June, we have been relatively cool & mild. We got a nice rain last night and it filled up Rain Barrel #2. Now I really like that!

The cool weather has prevented us from really testing our new air conditioner. This awesome new one not only has a humidifier but it also has a dehumidifier. We can really use that here in the Midwest. We're really going to like that feature.

Here's a picture of Grandson #2. He's coming up on 6 weeks old and  I can't get over how much he's grown. This Grammie wishes she lived closer to really appreciate how quickly he's growing. Grandpa & I think his hands look pretty big. We think he's going to be as big as his big brother!

Brody and Jacob got to go on a lunch date with their Mommy. Chick-Fil-A has delicious waffle fries. Brody likes that! I like that Amanda sent out pictures of their outing. Too bad the play area was closed. I do NOT like that!
Mom has been healing nicely. This picture was taken on Monday. I think it shows GREAT improvement. Little to no swelling left but the shiner remains. 

I'll be seeing her Thursday. Now that she's "of a certain age", she has to drive annually for the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to keep her license. Tomorrow is her big day! If by some chance it doesn't go well, she'll still have more than a week before her license expires on her upcoming 89th birthday. Plenty of time to try again. However, I'm confident she'll do fine the first time.

That's it for me this week. I hope you'll visit Not Afraid of Color where others will be sharing things that they've liked this week.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

FNwF & RSC Dark Blues

I truly have the "blues". I sewed up the dark blue strings for my zig zag border. Trimmed them down to make my HSTs only to discover that I trimmed them down too small! Arrrrgh! So I've started making more, of course. Man, and I had high hopes that I'd have them already finished up 100% to show you today. I did get the center of the May Illusions Sampler finished. Right now it is 12-1/2". I hope to make more progress this week and get on to the June block.

May Illusions Sampler Block
Check out that dark blue! Score!

So that's my Rainbow Scrap Challenge report for this week.

For good news: I have to do a bit of cleaning up in my sewing space due to getting a new HVAC installed next week. Both the HVAC and my sewing space are in the basement. When my neighbor moved last month, she gifted me a cabinet with a few shelves and a door that closes. I told her I could probably use it for fabric. So I measured the shelves, bought a few baskets to fit, and started sorting in the basement yesterday. I plan on using the baskets for strips. I'll update you on my weekend progress.

As for Friday Night with Friends, I did manage to fit a little embroidery in. Don't know if I mentioned to you that last year or the year before (or could it have been the year before the year before? Ha!) I picked up a UFO embroidery kit from my guild for a few dollars. It included the stamped top and just about all the floss needed to complete. The original owner had barely started it.

Cover of Project

The Lion & Puppy Block Was Started.
(Oof! Do you see where the stitcher left her hoop in too long.
Yup! There's a little rust. I think it'll be OK for a donation quilt anyway.)

I Worked on the Heart Border First & Got Bored.
So I Started the Zebra & Kitty Block.

My Progress Yesterday

The Whole She-Bang!
(Check out Polly about to run through here! Haha!)

That's where I am right now. It's a great TV-watching and Take-Along project.

Wednesday I took Mom in for her Mohs surgery. The picture looks bad but she said there's not much pain. She'll be staying with us through the weekend so I can change out her bandage and keep an eye on things for her.

Teeny, Tiny Stitches From Her Eye to Her Nostril
Mom Says It Looks Worse Than It Feels.

While Mom & I were at the surgeon's, Hubby was at the dentist due to much pain & some swelling where his tooth had been extracted to get ready for a bridge. Yup! He's got an infection going and is now on antibiotics. He'll be fine in a few days but in the meantime, sleep doesn't come easy for him.

That's been my week here. Hope you have a great weekend!

Linking up with Angela @ SoScrappy for RSC and Cheryll @ GoNe StItChIn for FNwF.