Friday, August 19, 2016

FNSI & Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Pictures

This post will be long on pictures but OH! there are some WONDERFUL pictures of BEAUTIFUL quilts!!!! I'm sure you won't be too terribly upset, right?

While visiting my sister in the Denver Metro, we took a day to head over to Golden to visit the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. My sister had never been and the only time I managed to get there years ago, the museum was closed due to a water main break or no heat or some other catastrophe. And I do mean catastrophe! I was so devastated that I next headed over to the Coors Brewery to drown my sorrows! Hahaha!!!

This summer my visit was successful! There was an exhibit of Australian quilts. I wish I had (and probably should have) taken a picture of the card with the artist's name and title of their piece. In spite of this, please enjoy the show!

Check out these hexies!!!

I took a closeup so you could hopefully appreciate the size of the hexies.

Look at the applique on this masterpiece!

This quilt was amazing! The white fabric was layered on top of the darker brown. Plenty of reverse applique here!

I have to say that the Australian quilters have a love for hexagons and they know how to use them! Check out how the center designs have beautiful fabrics showcased in the centers!


I am very happy that I did in fact get the information on this quilt. I about fell over since I'm signed up for a class in October with this fabulous quilter!!! She is going to teach us her techniques for applique and English paper-piecing. I am so looking forward to this opportunity!!!!

Before I leave you after these breath-taking pictures, I want to remind you that tonight is FNSI!  Go HERE to get signed up! Wonder what I'll be working on tonight?