Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thank Goodness for FNSI!

Thank goodness for FNSI! Finished the quilting on the last table runner and got labels & bindings attached to both. Only the final hand sewing on these left to do! They'll be gifted out before we know it!

Since I was going strong and the space heater had my basement sewing nook warmed up, I figured I should keep that pedal pushing! Sewed up these two pillowcases. Love the "miracle" of the Burrito Pillowcase! Anyway, see the "Forever Sisters" written on the fabric? I made these for my twin nieces. Even though they're 17 years old, I think they'll love them! I've got more "Frozen" fabric ... need to whip up a few more pillowcases!

I hope everyone that participated in FNSI got a lot accomplished. It's a very busy time of year and we surely need a little breathing room as a treat for ourselves.

On a side note, the applique group that I belong to met this morning. There were some beautiful Mosaic projects making great progress. My poor Mosaic hasn't left the tote that I brought it home from class in! So pathetic! That, my friends, is ONE of my New Years Resolutions: Make more time for applique!!!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Wow - looks like you had a very successful FNSI! Love the Frozen pillowcases - I'm sure the girls will love them! Totally with you on the New Year's resolution but want to include English Paper Piecing too....I was so motivated by Heather's flowers that I can't wait to get back to mine. Just have to get all of this pesky holiday preparation out of the way first!

  2. The Frozen pillowcases look gorgeous!

  3. Hi Susie,
    Wow, you've been busy. I agree with you about making more time for applique. I think it is so relaxing.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I can't respond directly since you come through as no-reply. Please send me your email so I can put it in my address book.
    Merry Christmas and Merry Everything to you Susie! Lynn

    1. Merry Christmas, Lynn! Apparently I'm not as techno-savvy as I may appear! LOL!!! I will try to fix the No Reply but in the meantime (or anytime) you can reach me at susiefloozie33 at gmail dot com.