Saturday, December 17, 2016

Thank Goodness for FNSI!

Thank goodness for FNSI! Finished the quilting on the last table runner and got labels & bindings attached to both. Only the final hand sewing on these left to do! They'll be gifted out before we know it!

Since I was going strong and the space heater had my basement sewing nook warmed up, I figured I should keep that pedal pushing! Sewed up these two pillowcases. Love the "miracle" of the Burrito Pillowcase! Anyway, see the "Forever Sisters" written on the fabric? I made these for my twin nieces. Even though they're 17 years old, I think they'll love them! I've got more "Frozen" fabric ... need to whip up a few more pillowcases!

I hope everyone that participated in FNSI got a lot accomplished. It's a very busy time of year and we surely need a little breathing room as a treat for ourselves.

On a side note, the applique group that I belong to met this morning. There were some beautiful Mosaic projects making great progress. My poor Mosaic hasn't left the tote that I brought it home from class in! So pathetic! That, my friends, is ONE of my New Years Resolutions: Make more time for applique!!!

Have a good weekend!