Saturday, February 18, 2017

Well, I have to admit FNSI was a success for me! Yay! After marking & cutting out a few (that would be 8) leaves and then positioning & gluing them onto my previously started block, I managed to get all of them appliqued on! It was an enjoyable stitching evening catching up on a 2-parter episode of NCIS which continued into NCIS-New Orleans. I missed the shows due to guild meeting and my honey waited to watch them with me On Demand! 💕

Not only did I get my leaves sewn on, I also marked, cut out, positioned, and glued on the flowers of the "sister" block. I could have made these blocks identical but I'm all about differences. I believe we should celebrate our differences in all aspects of life but I'll leave it at that rather than jump on my soapbox! Lol! 

Last week I finished a wool applique pillow. It turned out beautifully and was actually completed by Valentine's Day! Started and finished all in one year -- well, come to think about it I never got the label on. That will come soon. Anyway, here's a picture of Polly enjoying my pillow! Hahaha! Bless her ever loving heart! I'm also giving you a picture of the pillow sans kitty! This pattern is a Timeless Traditions pattern written by Norma Whaley. She has a wonderful sense of design and I find that besides her patterns I'm also drawn to her color choices. Do you remember my piggy pillow? Yes, that was also a Timeless Traditions pattern. LOVE!