Saturday, March 18, 2017

FNSI Follow-Up

As usual I didn't stick to my plan 100%. I like to think of it as being flexible. Yeah, that's it!

My Friday Night Sew-In original plans were to mark, layer, pin-baste, and start quilting my Dresden Stars. I followed the plan up to the quilting. I had to come up from my sewing room in the basement because my feet were like ice blocks from standing on the concrete floor for so long. At least I'm ready to make a go of it soon! Yay!

By the time my feet thawed I decided to stay upstairs and catch up on a little TV viewing while hand sewing. I pulled out my wool project and continued with my big-stitch quilting. I made great progress and am nearing completion. Only a few more partial rows left to go in the bottom right hand corner. I'll need to also sew up the bottom edge where this project was pillow turned. I'm loving this one!

Sorry about the blurry pictures. When this one is done, I'll be sure to have clear ones to post!

This is what I worked on last night. What did you sew?