Friday, March 25, 2016

Let's Sew!!

Besides Easter, this is a sewing weekend. Join Sugarlane Designs for their Friday Night Sew-In which is lasting ALL WEEKEND!!! Sign up and join the fun!

I promised some pictures of the newest member of our family. Not sure if I remembered to do this earlier so figured this was as good a time as any. Meet Gracie, a lab mix. She will be 6 months on April 2.

The other day I went up the stairs to this mess. Gracie had so much FUN but I was seeing RED!! It's taken me nearly 3 days to get the balls of yarn untangled and rewound. I think I'll wind them into cakes this weekend. Then all will be stored well out of her reach. Can you believe Hubby actually thought maybe the cat started this mess???!!! No way! I caught Gracie red-handed!

Recently my sister came in from Colorado for 2 weeks. She always times her visits for Rosemary's Tips & Techniques and, if possible, for a guild meeting and possible class. This month we had Paula Nadelstern lecture and teach a class at guild. She is a whiz on kaleidoscope quilts. Below are my sister's and my blocks. Looks like something from Woodstock at this point! Hahaha!

My sister also joined me for four days at quilt retreat at Kinderhook. What a fun place to sew and celebrate sisterhood & friends! I've been working hard on my guild's Block of the Month. Got the top put together at retreat and needed to audition my finish. I think I've got the final plan in my head and am waiting to get a little time to finish. That's why I joined Sugarlane's Friday Night Sew-In!

I hope to also put in a little more time on my APQ March UFO Challenge this weekend. At Kinderhook I got 16 blocks done but would be so proud of myself if I could get the final 14 finished before the end of the month. Wishful thinking probably but it doesn't hurt to dream!

Until next post!
Happy Easter!!!