Thursday, January 19, 2017

FNSI and More!

Good morning! I'm going to try to do this all in one day. Don't have time this morning to finish because I get to go to the dentist for a cleaning (♥) after I vacuum this morning. Just got back in from a walk with Gracie (1.71 miles per Runkeeper app) and need to put the warm compress on my nose for 20 minutes. This is because I still have a stitch lodged inside my nostril from my November 23rd surgery! Yoi! Guess that's why there's discomfort and a little redness still. Enough of my non-fun news. Let's get to business!

First off, this Friday evening is FNSI! You know I love the 3rd Friday of the month for just this reason. It's so exciting to see what others are working on. It's also a good reason to sit back and relax with your own project and make some progress. Even if you don't touch it until next month ... you can put a few stitches in place Friday night! Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts hosts it. You can find out more about it and sign up by clicking the link under the FNSI button here:

I plan on sitting in front of my sewing machine mindlessly sewing oodles of straight lines. I hope to make 3 more faux chenille kitty blankets. I made one for my kitty this past weekend while at retreat, only lacking the binding. My daughter has two kitties that would love a blanket and my sister has one kitty. Perfect project while enjoying the tennis being played at the Austalian Open! Love watching the four major tennis tournaments!!

Now let's get caught up on Loopy Academy. My knitting has really been going full steam ahead lately. As for Loopy Academy Junior Year 1st Semester projects:

The gloves you've seen in an earlier post. It was a requirement -- a pair of gloves (NOT mittens!)

These socks fulfilled the "Bobble Stitch" requirement. Sometimes bobbles are called "Popcorn Stitches". Regardless, I knit bobbles at the top of the cuff. This pattern, Cableship, can be found HERE on Knit Purl Hunter's Knit-a-Long. Her socks did not include the bobbles. I just threw them on to fulfill a Loopy Academy requirement!

Our last requirement for the semester was to knit a toy. This pattern can be found on Ravelry HERE . What a fun project! In case you're unfamiliar with The Loopy Ewe (a yarn store in Colorado that used to be here in the St. Louis area), this "toy" is the mascot for the store! It was a quick knit and practically seamless, which is what made it appealing to me. Hate that seaming stuff! Anyway, I think it turned out awfully cute!

Here's one of my projects I'm knitting on right now. These are Cadence Socks by Very Busy Monkey. You can find the pattern HERE . These socks have joined two Knit-a-Longs ... one with Very Busy Monkey (I have until March 31 to finish these) and one with The Loopy Ewe (My 2017 Sock Challenge which requires one to knit a pair of socks each month). The yarn is comes from The Loopy Ewe and is called Inversibles. It is 2-color yarn and they are dyed exactly opposite. The Loopy Ewe has loads of color pairs. Check it out if you like HERE. So many pretty choices!!! Polly practically blends in with the silver & black!

Before you think this is only a knitting blog, Let me share a couple of quilty finishes with you. My Jamestown Sampler, which is #6 of the 2017 UFO Challenge, has been pieced together. I'm showing you the before & after photos here:

The first picture is all the blocks laid out on my kitchen floor. The next one is the blocks sewn together at retreat. Let me tell you my furrows were not always straight. Had to resew three different blocks to get it right! UGH!

How do you like my piggy pillow? It's called Farmer's Market. I bought the pattern from Norma Whaley who publishes under Timeless Traditions. I love her stuff!!! It was a fun project and I love the way it finished. Check it out! I used a leftover quilt block from another project for my pillow label!

"Love One Another" pillow is another Timeless Traditions pattern. I've got this one in the works and I actually sewed the green stems & leaves on already. Will be working on this periodically and would love to say I'll have it finished by Valentine's Day!

Currently I'm also knitting a shawl with my Warm Woolies December yarn. I just saw that the January yarn is ready for shipping. Whew! And I haven't even broken out my cross-stitch yet! High hopes!!!

I hope you get a chance to stitch to your heart's delight!

(PS I started this post yesterday morning ... so much for getting this done in one sitting!)