Monday, January 23, 2017

FNSI Update

Goal accomplished! Friday Night Sew-In allowed me to get to my sewing space and sandwich & sew all the lines of three more of these soon-to-be kitty blankets. It's A LOT of straight line sewing. Might have been boring but I watched the Australian Open. For whatever reason, it was difficult to bring up on my TV but perseverance won out! I don't understand why sometimes I try to watch something on that TV and the cable just doesn't want to cooperate. Might be because I don't get down there often enough??? Just a thought.

Anyway, here's a picture of all four kitty blankets stitched up now and one binding sewn down waiting to hand sew down in place.  Saturday I was able to sew the binding on that one. Note to self: Make the next binding a little wider because there are a lot of layers to wrap around to the other side. Am a little short on this one but I'm sure the fur-baby won't mind!