Saturday, May 19, 2018

New Project

This past Friday was FNSI -- my favorite time of the month! Love doing handwork and relaxing while watching my needle stitch fabric, so calmly, so beautifully. A few weeks back I just couldn't resist a new project. Jinny Beyer has a new mystery quilt called Miyoto and the fabric selections were gorgeous. Jinny Beyer, if you aren't familiar, is very big into hand-piecing quilts. I learned to quilt this way a LONG TIME AGO and, since I've been enjoying the hand work of Mosaics so much, I decided to sink my teeth into this project and ordered up a kit. She offered four colorways and I chose blue/teal. Here is a picture of the first unit of this quilt. I'm trying to remember just how to hand piece again! The weather was so nice that I pulled up a chair outside and gave it a go.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sew on a daytime retreat and managed to get together all six parts going one way and 2 &1/2 pieces in the mirror image. This morning I finished off all twelve pieces. Loving this process again! Tomorrow I'll return to retreat and work on Mosaics!
I had a very nice Mother's Day last weekend. I heard from both of my kids PLUS a nephew. My sweet daughter Sarah also sent me sweets ... Wockenfuss candy. This chocolate company has been in business in Baltimore MD for over 100 years and, let me tell you, they are so DELICIOUS!! I was certainly feeling the love!

Speaking of mothers, here is a very unusual picture of both my kitty Polly & my dog Gracie sharing space in front of the door together. They were both very interested in the sightings out front. Oops! I do believe I've been caught spying on them!

Gracie & I have been enjoying our walks each morning lately. The temperatures have been pretty nice even if Gracie thinks they're too warm. Recently she found a friend just off the trail -- a turtle!
And with that, I'll close this post. I was up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Megan Markle. Then it was time to get Mother ready for her flight to NC. We dropped her off with time to spare and returned home. I climbed out the upstairs window to gain access to the first floor roof and cleared the rain gutters on the house. I had noticed yesterday that the rain we received the day before was still in them and we were expecting more rain today. Ugh! My reward was to work on getting Miyoto Clue #2 ready. The afternoon wrapped up watching Justify win the Preakness (after winning the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago) and to get a text from Mom saying she arrived safe & sound in NC and that she also managed to see the Preakness. Very exciting stuff and we'll anxiously wait to see the Belmont in June to see if we can get a Triple Crown winner!

Good night for now!

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