Sunday, May 22, 2016

Owie Weekend

I almost forgot to give you the update on FNSI. I did manage to get all my setting triangles attached and the 1st border starched up. Put the top on my design wall for a picture and uh! oh! I thought I was being so smart by trimming in places I clearly should not have. Holes and no way for a 1/4" seam ... unless I trimmed and made the outside cornerstones triangles. After much consideration, I took out the 2 faulty setting triangles and the 2 faulty corner triangles. The pattern had me cut the setting triangles with 2 leftover = PERFECT! Just what I needed. I managed to get them replaced yesterday morning and one corner removed. I'll have to get on the "repair" wagon soon. Pictures to follow.

In the meantime, I cleaned and de-stemmed 4# of strawberries and got them all sliced up. So many beautiful strawberries! Need to make a pie. Would you believe I sliced open my thumb cutting up the very, cold butter for the crust????

Today was spent helping the hubby chop up downed trees from an earlier storm Managed that unscathed ... until I started peeling potatoes to go on the grill with our pork steaks. Hit my ring finger fingernail and it's bleeding & cut at an angle about 1/4" into the quick.

I don't trust myself to do much else so please be patient with me. I'll get the May UFO Challenge quilt posted up for you AND the Loopy Academy sock posted. I'm just about finished it. Teaser: The socks are beautiful!!!!


  1. OMG! Stay away from the rotary cutter for now! But, don't give up on that pie, girl.

  2. What an eventful weekend! I'm not sure I would have got out of bed on Sunday myself, lol. Glad you had some spare triangles to fill in for the faulty ones :)

  3. Ouch! I am cringing just reading about your injuries - yikes! Definitely good to stay away from sharp objects for a while!!

  4. oh dear, not a great way to end the weekend! Glad you made it through FNSI though....was glad to have you along. Can you email me your email please so I can send you your special FNSI pattern 'birthday gift' from me to you? Thanks so much and thanks for joining in. xox Sugary hugs wbert4(at)gmail(dot)com