Monday, May 30, 2016

Remember I told you I'd finished my May 2016 UFO Challenge? That I didn't have pictures because I had injured my finger and sliced open my thumb? But I also told you I'd share a picture? Ta! Da! Here it is! 

The pattern is Dresden Stars by Laundry Basket. I actually finished it a few days ago. I redid the 2 corner triangles and 2 setting triangles. Then I added the skinny navy border and the wide outer border. It's actually even more beautiful in real life -- the colors are way more vibrant than in the photo.

Wednesday will be the announcement for the June UFO Challenge. I wonder which one it will be. Looking forward to it. I'm also already thinking about the 2017 Challenge. I might just make it a Quilting Challenge. I've got so many completed tops that now need to be quilted! Won't that make for an excitingly different year???!!!??

In the meantime, I also finished my final project for Loopy Academy. This completes the 2nd semester of my sophomore year. We had to make a pair of socks. Not too much other criteria. I'd had the Inlay Socks pattern stashed for quite a while. I think I may have actually started them once then ripped it all out. I love the blue in this yarn and know that they will go perfectly with jeans next Fall and into Winter! I will say that the stitch pattern was busy enough to hold my interest without being so tedious that I quit. This is a free pattern by Hunter Hammersen and you can find it on

In other news, I managed to get my mother's lawn mowed and her shrubs trimmed in between rain storms. We're going to have a major bonfire soon!

That's about it for me this Memorial Weekend. I hope you also had a relaxing one!