Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Whoa! It has been exactly one month since my last post! What the heck???!!! Well, I have been super busy. Unfortunately not with quilting or knitting so much but with visitors and visiting! It's all fun so not complaining too terribly much!

First I want to remind you all that this Friday is Friday Night Sew-In! I'm pumped for it too! It's always a great excuse to head to my basement sewing area. However, I may just curl up on the couch with embroidery and Cardinal baseball! Wendy at Sugarlane Designs is giving all participants a free design! If you haven't joined in before, this month would be a GREAT time! For more information on FNSI, click on this link:

Now for a sad (but true) confession. You should know by now that I love APQ's UFO Challenge. My June project was supposed to be the beauty below. I was so excited because all I had to do was add borders and they were all there, cut and ready. Plus so was the binding & backing. I never even looked at again in June. SO.VERY.SAD!

Of course, this is a new month and the project for July is the one below. I took it on retreat but didn't even pull it out of my bag. Maybe this will be what I work on during FNSI! That's it! That's what I'll do!!! At least it will be progress in the right direction ... getting UFOs out of the box and DONE! I need to remove the scrappy borders. Not happy with them at all. I'll see what needs to be done after that. I've got a lot of my "inspiration" fabric which is how I based the embroidery floss colors.

Next week I'll post pictures from my trip to Colorado. I was gone for 15 days and had so much fun. That's why I was slacking on my sewing/knitting. Plus, before that, my daughter visited for 10 days! Sheesh! It's no wonder I wasn't posting or sewing! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Have a great day and don't forget to sign up for FNSI!!! You won't regret it!!!