Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Linking Up with Hibiscus Stitches

I'm linking up with Hibiscus Stitches this morning. It's Piece Yourself Together week and I'm excited to say that I've made good progress since last link up. At that point, I was finishing #3 of 12 hexie flowers for border #3 of Mosaics. I've since finished the rest of the hexies, got them stitched together, pressed, papers removed, and glued to the background border. Yes! I am in the process of appliqueing them down with only one final hexie border to go! YIPPEE!!! Then on to the diamond borders.

As for my daughter's hobo mitts, they are finished, blocked, and mailed out yesterday. Here are some photos of my progress.
Pattern Developing
Thumb Gusset Shaping
Up on Left
Hey Look! A Thumb!

Ready to Start
the Fingers!

Finger Holes

Blocked & Ready
to Mail!

(OK, I give up. That last row of pictures will stay staggered! Blogger has me whooped!)

Since that project is finished, it's only right to start another. This is called Rocio and it is by Joji. You can find the pattern on Ravelry by clicking on the link. It will fulfill the requirement to use a lace weight yarn for my senior year at Loopy Academy. It think it will be beautiful. The Malabrigo yarn I'm using is SO SOFT and the color (Zinc) is gorgeous shades of gray. I'm on Row 4 and I've only ripped it out twice so far .... Wish me luck!

So on this gloomy, drizzly day all I can say is .... Let's Sew!