Sunday, June 24, 2018

How'd Your Week Go?

I feel like I made pretty good progress on several fronts this week. Much satisfaction here.

First up Farmer's Wife. Got another three blocks posted. Here they are:

#39 - Grandma (Paper-Pieced)

#38 - Golda (Paper-Pieced)

#40 - Grandmother (Paper-Pieced)

I also included a picture of Polly supervising my 1/4" seam. What a sweet kitty!

As for Mosaics, got another 36 diamonds prepped, sewn together in three rows, and papers removed and Best Pressed. Now I'm ready to glue it to the background and get to appliqueing it down. That's the part I look forward to doing most. No picture, too boring.

Kyoto is coming along as well. Two rounds sewn around the six triangles and I'm busily getting the third round ready. Kitty jumped in my lap for nap so there has been a bit of a pause in the project.

I also decided that I really, really wanted to get my APQ 2018 UFO Challenge project for May done. I listed #6 as My Gold Star. I later located the steps to this mystery and it was actually called Miss Millie's Mystery. So I pieced together a back from some of the leftover units, got it sandwiched, pin-basted, and have gotten a good start on the ditch quilting. I also spent a morning looking through quilt patterns on-line and in some of my books so I have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to quilt it. Anxious to get back to that machine and get it done! Here's a little progress photo:
Fair warning: We finally got a bunch of rain and my flowers are blooming and looking pretty. Here's an overload of garden pictures (only six really) so, if you prefer not to look at them, I grant you permission *wink* to scroll to the end to leave a comment or leave now.
Looking down at the oakleaf hydrangea from the deck

Pot o' Petunias

Pot o' Zinnias

Shasta Daisies &  Coneflowers


Dogwood Tree with Railroad Lilies
And a few days ago on my walk, I saw this spider web glistening with dew in the sunlight. Pretty!
 And here's Gracie waiting patiently for me to take the picture. See the web just to the right? No, Gracie, hop on down here to the bike trail. We're not going through the woods today.
I'll be linking up with Em's Scrapbag on Monday with Movin' It Forward.
Have a great week!

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