Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Linking up with Anthea!

Good morning! Today I'm linking up with Anthea at Hibiscus Stitches for PYT, aka Piece Yourself Together. You can check it out HERE to link up for yourself and to also see what others are up to with their own English Paper Piecing projects. Hint: Anthea is working on a "monster" project!

As for me, I'm still busy with Mosaics by Irene Blanc. I'm loving how it looks and I'm still loving to work on it. That really says something since I've been at it since October 2016 (?). Really? Has it been that long? I believe that's when I took her class so, yes, it's been that long!

Right now I'm on diamond border #2. Just appliqueing away to get it sewn down. These outer borders are 48" so you KNOW this takes a bit of time to get all three rows of twelve diamonds each stitched to the fabric. So portable and easy. LOVE IT!

Here's how to tell my progress: See how the middle row of diamonds have no tails sticking out? That's because that row is done. See how the row on the right has some tails and some not? That's because I've stitched down the inside portion of those diamonds and am working on the outsides now. If you look real hard you can see my needle and thread waiting for me to pick it up and work in some more stitches!

While the other project is not EPP, I want to share my progress with you while I have your attention. Hahaha! It is the Miyoto Mystery Quilt I started in April, I believe, since I'm on clue #3. It's a monthly program from Jinny Beyer through her newsletter. I posted my clue #1 HERE if you'd like to take a peek back. Since then I've completed both clue #1 & #2. Clue #3 was a little late posting as there was trouble on the website but it's up now and I've started. I get to work with COLOR this time. So excited since the previous clues were mostly background fabrics. Check it out!
Clue #1 - several mirror images.
(Shared in earlier post)

Clue #2 - A little color added.
Two each mirror images.
Clue #3 looks to be a fun section. So far I've got 2 of these little triangles up to this point. The inside triangle sides finish at 2-1/4" long so a wee bit tiny. I've sewn the first round on. There are four more rounds plus the final round which we are to sew on only two sides. Isn't the fabric pretty??? Each round gets a little lighter so it will be gorgeous!
Clue #3 - in progress
This clue, when completed,  has six units with 5-2/3 rounds each. Lots of pieces to attach. Oh! I almost forgot ... Jinny explains in her how-to video how you can paper-piece this together if you like (pattern included) or you may want to continue hand-piecing. I chose the latter. So portable!

Have a great day!

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