Thursday, November 30, 2023

I Like Thursday #130

It's been another week and of course I found things to appreciate. I'll be sharing on LeeAnna's blog with others. You can read & enjoy too if you click right HERE. In the meantime, let's see what I found to enjoy.

Thanksgiving was just last week and I have a few pictures to share from that day. My niece participated in her first Turkey Trot. She was very proud to finish the 5K. Here she is with her fiancé who also ran.

Thanksgiving is all about the bird, right? Here's a shot of ours this year while resting. Maybe this turkey should have trotted away!
We also had another special guest on Thanksgiving. This hawk was looking for his own bird to enjoy for dinner. Here he is just sitting on our deck where you can see my peanut feeder hanging. There are usually plenty of birds grabbing seeds but they seem to have flown away. Ha!

A side story here: Do you know what a junco bird looks like?

National Audubon Society's Photo
Info on Juncos
Anyway, one of these little birds got trapped in our garage overnight the other night. My husband said I should leave the garage door open after I bring Gracie back from her walk. I went to do that but the poor little thing kept trying to get out through the garage window and was beating his beak time & time again. Then he'd sit on the sill, catch his breath, and then start all over again. Since he couldn't be persuaded to leave with a gentle push with a broom, I went over and actually was able to hold him gently in my hands. I took him over to the bush by the garage and he hopped right in and then promptly flew away. This incident reminded me of the time when the same thing happened with a hummingbird a couple of summers ago.

My neighbor surprised with me with a gift a couple weeks ago. These amaryllis plants were only small buds when I got them. As you can see, we are in FULL BLOOM! Don't they look pretty in front of Frosty McChill? The embroidery blocks were shared last year by Melissa from Pinker 'n' Punkin'. She is amazingly generous with her designs.

Bolero on the left
Minerva on the right

Recently I finished "Someone Else's Shoes" by Jojo Moyes. It was very enjoyable. I thought it was going to be too light for me, too young, but I ended up really liking the characters.

GoodReads synopsis
Earlier I finished "The Engineer's Wife" by Tracey Enerson Wood. A good friend of mine recommended it. It's about the woman behind the man building the Brooklyn Bridge. I enjoyed it and, if you like historical fiction, you might also.

GoodReads Synopsis

Last night I started a new book. It's "Simply Lies" by David Baldacci. He's one of my favorite authors and this promises to be a "psychological thriller". Yikes! I hope it doesn't give me nightmares! Hahaha!

GoodReads synopsis

Now for a laugh: Some of our Black Friday orders arrived today. Here's the picture an Amazon driver took of the delivered package by our front door. Notice the "sweet" dog "welcoming" him. This picture just cracked me up although we are trying to get Gracie to calm down when she sees delivery people in our cul-de-sac. When they walk up to the door to drop something off for us, she really goes berserk!

I hope you have an amazing week. Look around and see how good life is.


  1. I love juncos! We had some visiting in our yard last weekend when it was snowing. So glad you were able to get that one out of your garage! We've had that happen, too, and they never seem to figure out that they can fly out through the garage door opening. Poor things! Looks like some good books there - I've been wondering about the Jojo Moyes book.

  2. Look at that turkey! Silly little junco. I had an eastern phoebe fly into the house and beat itself against a window. I couldn't direct him the right way to get out, so I had to nab him when he exhausted himself to get him out of the house. I'm glad you were able to send the junco on his way.

  3. Happy Thursday, Susie. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Your turkey sure looked delicious. Woo Hoo for your niece participating in her 1st turkey trot. I have never seen a junco before. I am so glad you was able to come to the rescue for the little fellow. It is heartbreaking when they get trapped in the garage. I had a bird do the same a few weeks ago. Aaah I just love seeing your Frosty quilt. Thank you for the sweet shout out.Enjoy your weekend. Hugs.

  4. Your turkey looks perfect! I bet it was very tasty. You're having quite a few adventures with birds! You've got some great books posted. I enjoyed Jojo Moyes' book. It kept me interested the whole time.

  5. Beautifully browned turkey!!! The Junco have arrived here for the winter, too, though not in the garage. That was quite a memorable incident, holding one in your hands! Love the amaryllis in full bloom!

  6. How sweet you were to rescue the little bird. Your amaryllis look amazing.