Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Like Thursday #103

This week's likes will be short and sweet as I'm running behind. Story of my life lately. Anyway, the week started off with Chinese New Year. We always think back to how much fun the celebrations were while we lived in Hawaii. The dragons, the fireworks, and THE FOOD! Do you know what these are?

While living in Hawaii, we enjoyed these -- called manapua or dim sum. Basically they are a sweetened bread dough encasing char siu pork (Chinese BBQ). They can be either steamed or baked. We always liked them best baked. The manapuas above were made by my daughter to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

Here she is enjoying one ... and letting us see how delicious that char siu pork is! Haha!

We had a hard frost with a little bit of snow over the weekend. I thought these plants looked so pretty, all frosted up!

Later we got a bit of snow. Thankfully it started as rain, then the snow fell. The ground was super warm and the temperatures never really got below freezing. What did we get? A super slushy mess that disappeared by sunset!

It made for a pretty morning walk with Gracie on the trail.

The morning before we had a very RED sunrise. Sure made true of the saying, " Red sky at morning, sailors take warning!" That night we got the snow.

Yesterday my brother & SIL became parents again. Meet their 6 week 2 days old German Shepherd. They've named him Hasenjager, German for Rabbit Hunter/Chaser. Can't you just smell that puppy breath??!! And check out those paws!

As for my book indulgences, I had to put aside "The Bangalore Detective Club" because an eBook became available. EBooks are seldom available for renewal so I wanted to jump right into "The Midnight Library" even though I'm not through with the previously mentioned hardback. Thankfully it's not too long of a book and, let me tell you, I've truly jumped right into it. It is VERY INTERESTING! And thought provoking! I'll let you know how I feel about the book when I finish which shouldn't take me too long. It's hard to leave on my bedside table ... I keep wanting to read more!

You can read all about the premise of "The Midnight Library" HERE.

And when it rains, it pours. Yet another requested library book has become available so I picked up "Murder in the Secret Garden" to read after I finish "The Bangalore Detective Club" which I'll finish after reading "The Midnight Library". Did you catch all that? YIKES! Haha!

Thank you, LeeAnna, for keeping us motivated to look at the good things all around us!


  1. Dim sum looks good. Lots of pretty photos. I like the snow, and the beautiful sunrise! That puppy is adorable!

  2. we are on the same book trajectory! I didn't finish the midnight library but it was thought provoking for sure. And I'm on hold for secret garden. That puppy!!!!!! he's so little to leave the mama but will be loved betcha! the buns sound so so so good

  3. Pretty sunrises and snowy days! The manapuas sound yummy- that's not something I've ever tasted. I really liked The Midnight Library, too - it was definitely thought provoking!

  4. The winter scenes are so pretty in your area. You have quite the reading list going. I look forward to hearing all about the books when you finish.

  5. Manapua, yummmm. The Chinese call that kind of dim sum char siu bao. I like the baked buns the best, too. You got me wanting one now.