Thursday, June 1, 2023

I Like Thursday #116

The prompt this week is our favorite ice cream, brand and/or flavor. I think it may be more like what ice don't I like! I'd say probably my go-to flavors are Cookies & Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Cookie Dough. I have discovered I like Malt ice cream with or without chocolate pieces in it too. As for brands, I accept Tillamook or Schnucks Cullinaria (local grocery store up-scale brand). I used to like a couple other brands but, when they switched from ICE CREAM to FROZEN DAIRY DESSERT, I left them flat. Check your cartons -- there really is a flavor difference. Now, I will also admit a fondness for Culver's Custard and Bobby's Custard and Ted Drewe's Custard. Can you tell I like ice cream??!!?? Oh! And don't forget a Dairy Queen Blizzard although I don't go there often. The flavors are delicious but I'm not sure they're ice CREAM any more.

So enough of that! I feel the pounds piling on from all that delicious talk! Let's talk TV viewing. I really enjoyed this season of Survivor and was sad to see the finale. I wasn't all that keen on the winner but that's usually the case for me. CBS has started some of the special editions of American Ninja Warriors so that's something to look forward to watching again also.

In sporting news, I've been watching the Cardinal games as usual. However, this week started Roland-Garros. That's a fancy way of saying The French Open. By now you should know that I like watching the major tennis tournaments. I'll be tuned in all this week and next.

I started a new book recently by Linda Castillo. I enjoy her Kate Burkholder series. This book was not one of those and I wondered how I'd like something a little different. The book, "Just a Little Bit Dangerous", sounded like it would be good. Last week I mentioned that it seemed a little Hallmark-ish. Turns out, it was VERY Hallmark-ish. I'm glad it was relatively short at only 189 pages. And I am done with it. I don't recommend it.

I finished it up in a hurry because my library notified me that a book I'd placed on hold was available. I've downloaded "Demon Copperhead" and will start it tonight. I've heard lots of things about this book and am intrigued. It's written by Barbara Kingsolver who also wrote "The Poisonwood Bible" which I thoroughly enjoyed. You can check out Goodreads synopsis HERE on "Demon Copperhead".

A couple weeks ago I saw Kardea Brown (aka Delicious Miss Brown) make a Cherry Coke Cake. I made it this week and it was delicious. Hubby totally agrees! The recipe is HERE.

We've enjoyed Lucy & Brucey Goosey's family swimming on the pond this week. Usually, when there are babies, we see them only for one day and then not again until late summer when the babies are more like teenagers. We assume they go to the larger pond in our neighborhood for daycare co-op. This year we enjoyed them for several days. However, today we didn't see them so I guess they've gone to the big pond. Hubby caught this picture  one evening and I just love it!

I like these also. You can see the babies pretty good.

That's it from around these parts. Hope you've found a few things that have tickled your fancy this week. I'll be sharing with the others right HERE on Not Afraid of Color.


  1. I think you get the prize for top ice cream fan this week, Susie! And I agree on the differences in quality - remember when we started to see ice "milk" on the containers instead of ice cream? We've stopped at the Tillamook Cheese factory in Oregon on our trips there to get a scoop of ice cream - so yummy! It's so fun to see the goose families, too!

  2. I was not happy withe Survivor winner either.

  3. Hi Susie, what a great post. Yes if you are going to eat ice cream, then it must be ice cream I think. I've never had custard style ice cream-sounds delicious. Thank you for mentioning Barbara Kingsolver's latest. I love her work and she is a knitter. She even kept her own sheep at one point to spin her own wool. Definitely an interesting creative woman!

  4. let's talk survivor! I was sad that Caroline couldn't get it together to brag about her astute tactics... I rooted for her, then Carson, but really wanted Frannie. Did you see Caroline was given $100,000 by a celebrity as she also felt C. deserved the win. And Carson was given money too. The whole season was outstanding. Can't wait for Amazing Race to start again.
    Ice cream... you reminded me of my fave milk shake as a young'un was malt. How I still love that flavor.