Thursday, June 8, 2023

I Like Thursday #117

Thank you for stopping today. We've had quite a week around here! My brother & his wife drove my mother back home to us from NC last Saturday. They stayed here with us until Monday afternoon, then the two of them went to visit her family for a couple of days and were back on Wednesday afternoon. They just shoved out of here this morning and will be home this evening. Oh, did I forget to mention that they also brought their sweet puppy, Hoss? Hoss is a 60 pound, 6-month-old German Shepherd. He and Gracie got along so well. He's young and full of energy but sweet as can be. He loved our big backyard!

Gracie & Hoss

Polly, of course, was not a big fan of Hoss. However, she was curious of him and enjoyed when he took a nap periodically. She'd come out of hiding to grab a bite to eat while he was sleeping which, of course, wasn't often enough in her opinion.

Most of the time, the dogs enjoyed rumpty-dumping outside.

We certainly enjoyed the visit and them bringing Mom back. It's always sad to see company leave but we'll visit them this Fall. Safe travels to John & Karen, taking two cars home. They're taking Mom & Dad's 2003 Honda Odyssey mini-van home with them as they can use another set of wheels. Mom has decided to let her driver's license expire this month. June is her birth month and she'll be 90 and is finished with driving.

Saying good-bye to John & Karen (& Hoss)

And speaking of "wheels" in the family, we had a birthday this past week. Our Brody turned 4 years old! He got a Jeep for his birthday and he's already toting his little brother out and about the yard. Such a cute picture, including the dog!

As for TV watching, we enjoyed the new American Ninja Warriors and we've also been glued to the tennis. You may or may not realize that Roland Garros has begun and the finals will be this weekend. Ha!

I started reading "Demon Copperhead" by Barbara Kingsolver. I began with great trepidation due to some seriously disturbing reviews from some of my blogging friends. There are also great reviews by others. So far so good for me and I'm about 100 pages in now.

Our weather has been great of late. We did "enjoy" a couple of red sunrises & sunsets due to the Canadian fires but no real breathing issues here. My kids in MD/VA area have seen a lot of smoke though. My daughter works on the 5th floor and said it looked like a foggy day all yesterday while looking out the window.

That about sizes up the week of this happy camper. I hope you've also had an enjoyable one. Feel free to stop by LeeAnna's blog for more inspiring posts!


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your company and their puppy, too! He does look like a sweetie. Good that they can use your mom's unneeded car. When my mom moved here, I took her to the DMV and got her a Colorado ID, so she would have something official for when it's needed. I'm interested in hearing what you think about Demon Copperhead, as I've heard the same kinds of reviews as you!

  2. It sounds like ya'll had a wonderful visit. I agree it is sad to see family leave, but you can look forward to the next visit. Gracie and Hoss are adorable. And Happy Birthday to Brody.The boys look so cute in the jeep. I am sure they will enjoy many adventures in it. Hugs.

  3. oh how FUN! Gracie will miss her buddy... nothing like a rough and tumble game with a dog your size