Thursday, September 9, 2021

I Like Thursday #49

I'm baaaaack! We spent last weekend in Cleveland. We left last Thursday and didn't return home until Sunday. The reason? We helped my BFF celebrate her retirement from the State of Ohio! It was so much fun to meet some of her co-workers which, of course, I'd heard much about over the years. So I'd start my I Like Thursday post with: I Like Friendship. When I say friendship, I mean Real Friendship. We've known each other since she moved in next door to me in 1987 while both of our husbands were stationed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. We spent four years together as neighbors and then the USAF had different plans. Our husbands got orders elsewhere and we went on our ways. All these years later, after our kids grew up, graduated from school, got married, gave us grandchildren, we still talk almost every day for 20-30 minutes. What could we possibly talk every day? Our everyday lives! That's what friends do. We communicate our feelings, our goals, our disappointments. You name it! So today, while I have no pictures to share from our trip, I'm starting my I Like Thursday post with "I LIKE FRIENDSHIP"! ❤

If you know me, by now you know that I can't resist many sew/knit-alongs. I recently signed up for a new knit-along (KAL) with Joji Locatelli. Her patterns are awesome! Sign-ups are now through Sept 18 with the KAL starting on the 20th. You can get 20% off her patterns until then also. I signed up for three items to knit. Wishful thinking? Yes. I fell in love with her new patterns called Ready for Fall. This skein of yard will turn into her Caramel Sauce socks. I'll probably start with that project using this yarn. It's not quite as pinky as in the picture but it is a coral color.

I've also set myself up for Change Your Mind hat and Some Me Time shawl. I may start with the hat because I promised myself a new hat for this year's winter walks. The yarn might come from my stash but it's undecided as of this moment. IF there's time, I'll go to the shawl. I like the simplicity of it plus it's deep in length. I like that too.

Speaking of knitting, while I wait for the #jojifallkall2021 to begin on Sept 20, I'll continue on with the mittens that I started right before our trip. I finished the right one while speeding along the highway in the car and during hotel down time. All I had to do was get the thumb knitted when we got home. Here's a picture of the palm & thumb. It hasn't been blocked yet so it looks a little funky (but cool!).
Of course there's got to be a food "like" today and there is. I like, make that LOVE, that my son will smoke just about anything. Last Spring he sent us home with some smoked cheeses. I already ate all the smoked gouda. I took some smoked sharp white cheddar and smoked jalapeno jack cheeses to OH. One of the dinners there we had a taco bar. OMG! Everyone said that those were the best tacos EVER and it was definitely because of the YUMMY smoked cheeses! I went back for seconds and there was just the normal taco cheese. Boo! I think the tacos were also extra yummy because we used garden fresh tomatoes from my friend's garden and we also used some of my neighbor's tomatoes that I'd brought.

Yesterday I made a grilled cheese sandwich with smoked sharp yellow cheddar and a sprinkling of mozzarella for a little cheese pull. So good! Thank you, Jared!

I finished my book "If It Bleeds" by Stephen King. It was really good! All four of the short stories were different. I feel like there was a lot of personal bits thrown into some of the stories. As always there was some weirdness but nothing too absurd! Fun read!

In the meantime I've started "The Disappearing Act" by Catherine Steadman. We'll see how that turns out. You can read about it HERE. It sounds intriguing but it seems to be written a little YA. On a side note, Catherine Steadman is the actress that played Mabel Lane Fox on "Downton Abbey".

That's it from me this week. Did I also mention that I like to be home safe & sound too?

Linking up with Not Afraid of Color. I'll be checking in there later today and tomorrow for some liking and happiness!

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