Thursday, September 2, 2021

I Like Thursday #48

Good day and happy September! I am looking forward to cooler days and even cooler nights. I have a bit of yard work that I'd like to accomplish this Fall and then I'll settle in and quilt over the winter. At least that's the plan!

And speaking of plans, LeeAnn has a plan for us to sit back weekly and think about all the things we've liked over the past week. You can see what we all liked at her blog Not Afraid of Color.

My like list this week will be short as we are leaving this morning on a short trip. More on that next week. This week though I'll start off with my sweet tooth. If you know me at all, I like my sweets and this flavor put out by Oreo is delicious! Really got my Autumnal taste buds kicked into high gear especially since we enjoyed those tasty pumpkin spice doughnuts last week! Ha!

Not to be out done by Nabisco, I made up some chocolate chip cookies for our trip. It's really tiring sitting in a car for hours and sometimes you need a little sweet to last the journey. Hahaha! I really like the Mrs. Field's $250 Cookie recipe. I've had it for years and it's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in my opinion. I don't grate any Hershey bars but I use 2 kinds of chips and this time I used 3 cups of leftover nuts from hubby's birthday gift from our daughter. It consisted of salted pecans, roasted pecans, and cashews (which I'm not a fan of but they're OK in the cookies!). If you Google the recipe you get a bunch of choices. If you don't want to do that, just click HERE for one version.

On TV I've been enjoying the tennis this week. In case you didn't know, the US Open started Monday and will continue through to next weekend. I felt bad for Sloane Stephens having to first knock off Madison Keyes and then Coco Gauff, both of which are American and good friends of hers. Oh well, it's the job! Hopefully her skill and hard work will pay off with a trip to the finals!

My orchid started to bloom a couple of weeks ago and I've forgotten to mention it. It's called an Ice Cube Orchid because you supposedly only have to give it 3 ice cubes a week for water. I give it rainwater from my rain barrel with a little fertilizer. So far I've got 4 flowers opened and three more buds. They open up every 5-7 days and these flowers last for weeks! I bet I'll still have a pretty plant come October!

The other day I started a new knitting project. I don't want to give too much away since it'll be a gift. Here's a picture of my early start.

The edge is a Latvian braid. There will be another round of it later. I just love it! You can find out how to knit it if you check on YouTube.

That'll be the end of this week's posts. Alarms are going off and I need to pack my bags. Have a great week!

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