Thursday, September 30, 2021

I Like Thursday #52

What a week! My cousin arrived in St. Louis Tuesday from New York. On her way through, she & her son did us the honors of stopping by for dinner. They also brought us a bottle of wine as a thank you. I'm excited to try this brand because my neighbors shared with us a bourbon barrel cabernet sauvignon but from Woodbridge.

Because all the excitement was going to happen here at my house Tuesday afternoon, Mom stayed past her usual Monday departure. We enjoyed sharing a meal with our guests but mostly I liked spending time with them. What a nice group that could share ideas and frustrations on current events without the conversation becoming heated. We are family and we respect each other's opinion. There was love and I liked that very much. (Forgot to take pictures though. Rats!)

I'm liking that my neighborhood is getting into the spirit of Fall and Halloween. Gracie & I spied these three houses all in a row on our walk the other morning.

This last house pictured also had this display as well.

We are really enjoying our St. Louis Cardinals this week and earlier. Besides clinching a spot in the playoffs, they won 17 games in a row! Love our Cardinals!

I'm enjoying another new season of Survivor. It's a shortened season so there are extra twists and tricks. So far I haven't figured out who my favorites are but one or two usually become apparent soon. As for NCIS, we're enjoying that as well and were happy to say that we enjoyed NCIS: Hawaii a lot better this week than the first week. Maybe there's hope for this one yet! Anyone know when Bull or Blue Bloods start up this year?

I liked the book sale at C&T last week. I ordered these books that arrived this week. There are so many quilts that I want to make!

We've been unseasonably warm here this week which was quite a contrast to last week's Fall chill. Gracie and I are looking forward to cooler walking weather that out meteorologists are promising is on the way next week. In the meantime, we been enjoying the sunrises, We've noticed that the nights are really getting longer.

Last year's crop was corn. This year is soybeans.

I hope your past week was great and that your upcoming week will be even better!

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