Thursday, September 16, 2021

I Like Thursday #50

Sure wish I had a super-duper list of likes for this #50 I Like Thurs post but I don't. Just know that it is a special one. I'll like that!

Like of the Day: My beautiful orchid is now in full bloom. It started opening up the first bud of seven on a stem weeks ago. Every week one would open, sometimes with the next bud enlarging. Yesterday #7 opened up.

Side one showing four flowers

These flowers last for weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if I had at least one flower for Halloween!

Side two showing the other three flowers

The other day while at the store I spied other colors of orchids in pots. Almost picked up another one but there wasn't a price on it so I passed it by. I was looking at a white one with purple spots, just in case you were wondering!

On the TV like list would have to be the season finale of American Ninja Warrior. Such challenges those courses presented. Looking forward to the next season but in the meantime I'll enjoy the return of Survivor. I like that show too!

While watching a cooking show with Mom, someone wrapped some filling (I don't recall what they were using) in a tortilla, folded it up like a burrito/egg roll, and then browned it in a skillet with a little melted butter (seam-side down, then flip).

I really like doing this now with any filling I choose! This one had some pulled taco-seasoned beef and, of course, smoked cheddar cheese.

So crunchy and delicious! I've done several variations and they all turn out good. Just don't overfill the tortilla or you will have a hard time wrapping it up.

Keeping current on the book I'm reading, "The Disappearing Act" by Catherine Steadman: Blah! I told Mom I finally figured out what is bothering me about this book. I just don't like the main character! There's nothing to her, no substance, no anything. I'll finish the book because I'd like to see how this wraps up but I could care less about the heroine. She's a flaky, vain, airhead. 'Nuff said.

Let's talk quilting for a minute. I like my guild, Hearts 'n' Hands. Most meetings we have a Free Table where members drop off things to giveaway. Sometimes there's plenty to choose from, sometimes it's slim pickins. Most times I don't even tempt myself because I'm really stocked with fabric (ahem!). At the August meeting, my first in-person since way back when, I had a few things to drop off and some fabric caught my eye. Probably because I knew right away where it would be perfect!

These orange owls with purple eyes on a black background = LOVE!!! Goes perfectly -- color-wise and theme-wise -- to my "BOO"! It's already in place and the grand finish will be shown in Saturday's post. Stay tuned!

That wraps up my likes this week. There are others that also share their weekly likes at Not Afraid of Color. I'll be linking up there too and you can read ALL the likes there as well. I'll bet you come away with a chuckle or two!


  1. The orchids look amazing. I've only recently heard about American Ninja Warrior - my coworker's daughter worked as a course tester for it. How cool is that?!?

  2. I have three magenta blossoms on my orchid, so I'm really impressed with yours! I was shocked to see the buds on mine because it hasn't flowered in 3 years. I repotted it and that made all the difference.
    I also need to like the main character to keep on reading. I read "The Bookseller;s Secret" more slowly than normal recently and realized mid-way through that I really didn't like the characters. Kept plodding to the end only because I wanted to find out what the "secret" was. Very disappointing!

  3. That is an amazin orchid, Susie! The owl fabric is fun, and so neat that you found it on the free table and had a use for it, too. It's hard to stick with a book where you don't like the main character - kudos for that! Yummy on the grilled burrito - filling sounds good, too.

  4. A great post, Susie. That owl fabric calls to me too and I think that is a great idea for the group to have swaps like that. We love tacos so I think we'd enjoy your dinner there. I find I don't finish books anymore like I used to if they are not grabbing me. Too little time now that I'm 70, LOL.

  5. Your orchid is gorgeous. I killed one over the past 2 years. I finally gave up on it. Oh that OWL fabric! What an awesome idea for dinner. I see it all the time, but didn't think of it. I have had a few books like that lately. I just don't like the main character. Isn't that strange?